what is Sendinc

What Is Sendinc

Nowadays email security problems can be solved through the use of cryptographic methods  In this article, we will see how seamless enterprise email encryption is now possible and what is Sendinc.

Sendinc: how to encrypt corporate email?

An e-mail address is required or at least desired almost everywhere these days. But those who always comply with the desires have to contend with the consequences: spam and an overflowing inbox. What to do?

Cryptographic data transformations are the most effective means of maintaining the confidentiality of information during its input, output, transmission, processing, and storage, as well as to resist its destruction, theft, or distortion.

Electronic messages (e-mail, ICQ) can be easily read and copied by anyone who has access to the ISP’s server or to the computers through which these messages pass. Pretty Good Privacy. The stability of PGP is based on some fundamental unsolved mathematical problems. For this purpose, corporate users prefer Sendinc solution.

Sendinc describes itself as the most secure email service in the world. In practice, it has been shown that the service is well thought out, but due to the lack of full PGP compatibility, it remains an isolated solution. The e-mail provider advertises that it combines secure communication with a simple and beautiful user interface. The service has received a lot of attention in recent years. Forbes, for example, called it “the most secure email service in the world.” Many of the technical details have been implemented in a forward-looking manner, but ultimately the system remains an isolated solution. Sendinc was criticized after the company paid the blackmailers as a result of a large DDoS attack.

Although emails from and to other Sendinc users are encrypted, if you are communicating with unencrypted services such as Gmail, Sendinc will scan these emails for spam protection. However, these messages are scanned in memory, which means they are not stored and will be overwritten in a very short time. Once the email is verified, it is encrypted. If all this encryption talk is confusing, you can read the encryption terms you should know.

According to their Privacy Policy, IP logging is disabled by default, although you can enable this in your account settings. Your IP address can reveal your location, so not registering is a benefit to your privacy. Sendinc also does not retain your data after it has been deleted. If you delete an email, it will indeed disappear.

Sendinc reviews and alternatives

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to email security. There are many different providers, each offering different levels of security at different price ranges. Budget is something you should probably consider as most services don’t offer generous free options like Gmail or Outlook.com. Following Sendinc reviews, among the best service alternatives there are:

  • ProtonMail
  • Tutanota
  • Posteo

PGP encryption solves three problems of confidential information exchange:

  • Protects the text of messages from outsiders. That is, only a person who has a secret key and knows the password can read the message.
  • Confirms to the recipient the integrity of the incoming message. That is, it gives confidence that the content of the message has not changed during transmission.
  • Confirms the identity of the sender. The electronic signature built into PGP uniquely identifies the sender, because only he has access to the secret key and knows the password.
  • The sender identifies the recipient before encrypting the message. The program finds the recipient’s public key (for this it must be in the public key file on the sender’s computer).