email sensitive information

How to Email Sensitive Information

Almost every day we use e-mail as a means to transfer important documents to other people. As a rule, such transfer is carried out outside the security perimeter of the organization. But what about documents that leave the organization? Here are ways to email sensitive information.

Virtual data room for secure business communication

We all work with more or less confidential information today. Especially when using e-mails, it can easily happen that sensitive data is sent to the wrong recipient or too many recipients. The unencrypted sending of confidential information via the Internet is equivalent to sending sensitive data by postcard and should be avoided.

The emergence of the global computer network was marked by the emergence of a new communication environment and a market with a large number of potential consumers with a fairly high level of income. E-commerce in general, and Internet marketing in particular, today perform the functions of communication and provide opportunities for concluding transactions, secure emailing, making purchases, and payments.

Nowadays there are dozens of digital solutions in the IT market that are developed to simplify business operations and establish communication. One of such tools is a virtual data room. This software allows companies to automate all processes of interaction with the contractor: from the search for a client, the formation of an offer, the conclusion of an agreement to after-sales service, and the further development of relations. During this time-consuming process, a large array of critical-business data is processed and stored in a secure data room repository. As you already understood, data room is a cloud-based full-packed solution for secure file-sharing and collaboration.

How to email sensitive documents?

Data rooms offer a secure working environment with specific functions and design options such as two-factor authentication, dedicated authorization management, or document versioning. At the same time, thanks to the digital basis, comfortable, flexible, and seamless collaboration on sensitive documents and secure data exchange can be ensured both internally with colleagues and externally with business partners.

Email can be implemented in the data room software in one of two ways:

  • All correspondence is conducted in the mail client or service, and only the fact of the presence of the letter is recorded in the data room system.
  • Mail is tied to the data room, incoming letters are copied and stored as documents or events, letters are also sent directly from the system. And you can view all correspondence in the room at any time.

Thanks to the integrated chat and note function, you can communicate with customers, colleagues, clients, and partners. At the same time, you reduce your e-mail volume. Because data room members are informed independently when new data is available for them, you save yourself a lot of manual notifications.

It also should be mentioned that secure communication plays a decisive role in the work of the board of directors and the supervisory board. In this case, the data room also is a win-win solution as the software helps to organize virtual board meetings, including video conferencing, email, chat, etc.

Data room provides the following advantages:

  • It is customizable for your business processes. There are many standard solutions for which you have to rebuild the internal processes of the company.
  • It has a service architecture. An independent application that is integrated into an existing system or deployed from scratch in a new project.
  • It protects data. The customer database is protected from hacks and hacker attacks and is constantly being improved.